Thursday, November 17

fun-filled trip

our flight to iloilo was two hours delayed. the original schedule was 3PM and it was moved to 4PM. we left the office early to avoid hussles in the airport. finally, when we were already seated close to the gate, it was announced that the flight will be moved to 6PM. the plane that will carry us will be coming from cagayan de oro and will arrive by 5PM.

staying at the airport for more than 2 hours made me witness and experience a new life perspective and able to see what are the travellers, jetsetters are doing while waiting for their flight. some were having pictorials... i have seen one person pulling his luggage to and fro, as if doing some exercise. there was this one lady who's the center of a conversation. she's talking tagalog with ilonggo intonation (i miss the tone). i have been to the rest room thrice... we have been given ample time to choose where and what to eat for snacks. i was able to appreciate the beautiful christmas decors hanging on the walls... and my favorite.. have been able to took a nap. my first time though =)


a sumptous dinner upon arrival... indeed! with various sea foods to choose from.. from different type of grilled fish, to steamed shells, fresh sea weeds, fish soup... well, dont forget the chicken.. it is indespensable in almost every meal =)... and we were all seated in a veryyyy loooonggggggggg table. i don't know everybody in the group but was able to meet old friends and acquiantances... it was fun!


the night was a bit cool but we decided to swim.. there are lots of pool there.. the water was not soo cold... but a bit freezing when you came out of it. we swan at a not so deep pool.. just 5 feet i think.. and you know that I am less than 5.. so i was a bit tired of tip toeing the entire time that i was in it.. but i was able to practice my swimming stint.. hehehe!
i left early than the others because i started to feel the water becoming itchy. on my way to the room, i met two cats. hummm, i thought to myself, maybe they are the boogeyman that chris was telling me. hehehe. i want to congratulate myself for seeing one as not everybody does. i always wish to see a boogeyman so i will believe in them. hehehe. anyway, one cat cross my path and the other remain on the other side. i am like a queen walking with guards on my both sides.. no cross-swords though. hehehe!


we were booked on a very early flight. have to woke up very early also. i am wishing that ninang wont hear her mobile phone alarm so we'll woke up late and be left by our flight. apparently, ninang and ate have been praying the same things, that we will not be able to catch up on our flight. hehehe. our prayers were not answered though.

the antique collections at the resort... there are lots of them there. inspires you to make your own =)