Saturday, November 12

celebrating Christmas

its november now. time flies so fast. it just seems february when i went to sleep and when i woke up.. whoooaaaahhhh.. BER months na.

for us filipinos, we celebrate Christmas as early as september. you can hear christmas songs and carrols on the first day of september. and the christmas decors follow, the smell of puto bombong, carolings, gift giving.. kris-kringle which is most famous in offices or any groups.

talking of kris-kringle.. we start ours in the office this week with a motiff of "something red". ain't it early? hummm, we will be celebrating our chrismast party early also. some will be on-leave on the 2nd week until the end of december.

i have read this somewhere... the four things to remember when buying gifts... so, if there's somebody who will send me one, please take note... hehehe!
the gift should be:
something you want
something you need
something to wear
something to read