Saturday, November 12

random facts about my honey (mwahhh)

  1. he's a full-gospel man
  2. very spontaneous
  3. responsible and sensitive to others' needs
  4. always willing to help
  5. un-conventional but old-fashion
  6. has a sweet-tooth and would kill for chocolates and ice cream =)
  7. childish at times... to meet my moods
  8. very sweet and romantic
  9. fond of watching tv... very attentive... dont dare to disturb him.. grrrrrr!
  10. favorite movie is forever young... and would cry everytime he watched it
  11. very work-aholic
  12. patient but... i always annoy him ;o)
  13. music lover... has lots of collections
  14. notorious coffee-drinker [honey, peace =)]... no cream, just one teaspoon of sugar
  15. dont like to eat fish except fish cake
  16. photography is one of his interests
  17. has a persian cat pet named "lucky"
  18. likes marmalade and butter in bread
  19. has intolerance to MSG and milk protien
  20. loves me so much!