Tuesday, November 29

trip to divisoria

some people spend their holidays vacationing, visiting places, partying or sleeping.. but us? we went to divisoria. its been a long time the last time that i've been there. well, holiday is just my time to do things that's out of my routine. sundays are always fully booked.

we woke up around 9AM... had our breakfast and head-off there. it was so traffic on the way because of the seagame and of course, its holiday and everyone is going to divisoria.. ohh maybe, just us who wants to buy practical gifts. hehehe. well, the jeepney driver just drop us off close to eng beetin store.. its still a long walk to the market.

there are lots of people walking to and fro, so traffic. bigger vans passing by the congested area.. waaaaaa! pinoy talaga! and the street vendors running and cramming to secure their paninda's from the police. they're not allowed to sell on the street though. some even bribed the policemen so they can market their goods. kawawa naman sila.

we were having fun tossing and buying goods from the streets than in the malls/stalls. you can buy lots of things with a thousand pesos in your pocket. i was even carrying a big beach bag full of goods then.

but i haven't bought all the things that i want though we went home around 6PM. i was so tired and exhausted. my feet feel numb from strain in walking and standing.

we will be back soon! it will be another story to tell =)