Friday, November 11

a beautiful dream...

Dreaming is the subjective experience of remembered and imaginary images, sounds/voices, words, thoughts or sensations during sleep, with the dreamer usually not being able to influence the experience.

can you remember the most beautiful dream you've ever had or ever remember? i had mine last night... it may not be the most beautiful one that i have.. but so far from what i can remember, it is. its not always that i can remember my dream also.

i dreamt of gaving birth to a baby. it was not just shown in my dream what's the baby's sex though. but! guess what? i didn't experience the labor. my friends have been asking me how do i feel, was it painful? but... i just fell asleep and when i woke up, i am no longer pregnant. hehehe.. weird hey! but it was a normal delivery. anyway, that was just a dream...

well, my dream was influenced by my thought before going to sleep. i have been sms-ing Megs, my friend in bacolod, who just gave birth to a baby boy. her second child. she was telling me that she really didn't have the hard time because her labor was just for more than an hour, though the baby is big.

but, yeah, i do want to have a painless delivery, incase. hehehe. i am afraid of pain. chris is really aware of that, right Honey? i cant tolerate so much pain.

i have been telling Chris that i wish to have twins so it will be a one time labor.. hehehe! hope the babies will not kick-out at the same time.. =) but i wish to have a baby soon!