Saturday, February 9
Around the beginning of this year, I felt soreness in my left breast and a little lump. I am breastfeeding so I reckoned it was just a blocked duct, but it stayed for more than two weeks. I was worried after learning from a friend that her sister got a cyst though she was breastfeeding. I was thinking I could have the same case. So when we saw our GP for Jens' vaccine, I told him about it and he referred me for a mammogram - as after him feeling it said that it was mobile.

I booked for a mammogram but the earliest schedule was two weeks away (the receptionist had to confirm to her boss or whoever if it is cover by medicare - I forgot to tell her that I have medicare supplement, our private health insurance). Okay, nice.. it will give me time to think about it if I really have to go through with it or the lump might melt down by that time. Though, mammogram is just sort of like x-ray, it side effects can be severe than x-ray radiation so I was reluctant.

Luckily, a week before my appointment... I can no longer feel the lump. But still I didn't cancel my appointment, as I want to be sure that I am free of any ailments. But MCJ was so busy during the week that I will have the mammogram and told me that we might just ask FIL to drive me down the clinic. I don't like the idea so a day before the appointment, I cancelled it. Indeed it was just a blocked duct that I often have especially now that Jens is eating solids.

Having a lump every now and then still worries me because we have relatives who died from breast cancer. It's scary.
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At 5:51 pm, Blogger Cielo said........
hi era, god is good that ur lump is gone...take a lot of care.

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