Thursday, November 10

The title of this entry has a very good blend. Hehehe!

Well, wala kasing KALABAW sa OZ kaya My Husband was so fascinated by it. Marami namang view na pwede ko syang kunan, pero KALABAW talaga ang gusto nya.

Oh well, while Chris was a novelty to our place, KALABAW was a novelty to him! Hehehe! Wala kasi nyan sa OZ!

It was our second day in the province, and Chris asked me to roam him around the bush. There's really no place to go as the sugar cane are about to be harvested, we cant see anything far. We decided to went to the river. The water is murky as it just rained the other day.
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At 11:09 am, Blogger dangkin said........
buti naman at hindi natakot ang kalabaw sa kanya.. siguro naaliw sa kulay nya..hi!hi!hi!

how's your adsense fee going?


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