Monday, December 5
yes! you read it right! i am coming to Australia these holidays... to spend them with my husband, meet his family and friends. yeeehhhheeeeyyyyyy!

i am really so happy as of now. i was just half expecting that i will be approved... and now! i cant contain my emotions... this will be the first Christmas and new year for us as a couple and i will be celebrating them with Chris! =)

the process was so quick! these were what we've done:

nov 21 - chris conceived the idea of me spending the holidays with him. he was actually mowing the grass when he have thought of it.. he'd joked that he could make a sensible decisions when walking back and forth.. since then, he'd been doing it. hehehe

- the same day he informed me... so i quickly searched for the process and application form, request for certificate of employment from hr, talked to my boss for my proposed leave

nov 22 - received my employment certificate, photocopied my passport

nov 23 - purchase the manager's check from epcib, have my photos taken, 1 month leave was approved

nov 24 - received the documents from chris (qantas e-ticket, invitation letter, proof of funds, incentive for me to go back here), chris walked me through how to fill-out the form, filled-out the form around 10PM.

nov 25 - called-up the call center to pick-up the documents. i thought they will pick-up the same day, apparently, it will be the following day. sched the pick-up on nov 29 as i will be out of the office no nov 26. nov 28 was a holiday.

nov 29 - documents were picked-up.

dec 5 - receive my passport with approved 3 months tourist visa.. whoooooo!

the decision time is really 5 working days.

i called-up chris right away to tell him the news... he was also so happy!

now, what we'll have to do is for me.. decide/discuss to chris what to take with me (presents to the family).. packing... and chris! preparation for my arrival.. hahaha! winks =) .. and maybe some itenerary.

thank you God for granting our wish!
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At 6:05 am, Blogger dangkin said........
Wow! You go girl! Don't forget the 'pasalubongs'! Could you bring some loaf of Banana bread from Red Ribbon? Also a package of Bread Sticks?? My Richie loves it a lot! hehehe..Have fun!

At 10:39 am, Blogger Princess of CJ said........
Yeah! I am really excited. Hehehe! That's our interim solution for us being apart.

I'll drop by to your house to deliver the presents.. hehehe! just leave the door ajar so i wont be knocking anymore... just like santa who creeps into your house at the middle of the night.. =)

i'll be getting preggy na dw... im mixed of emotions as of now with anticipation.. hehehe!


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