Friday, May 30


I'm all rugged-up. It has been sprinkling all day. Chilly and gloomy day.

Just finished changing my toe-nail polish. Waiting for the sleepiness to kick-in after drinking the coffee that Mcj made me about an hour ago. lol.

The little boy is sleeping soundly after a dose of paracetamol to ease peggy pains. But it won't be long and he'll be awake, wanting some food. Again!

Received the play tent freebie from his nappy today. He was sort of overwhelmed of it that he didn't get into it right away. I have to get in first and lure him before he get half of his body in to pick up some toys. I'm sure, he'll get used to it as days go by, just like the tunnel in the playgroup.

What else? I'm cold... where are my socks? :D

Good night, guys! Sleep tight.