Sunday, May 18

Good Buys

I am a notorious bargain hunter. Ironically, I don't love to shop when there's a massive sale or price drop. It's the throng of shoppers that makes me avoid the shop. I can't concentrate shopping when there are lots of people around me, it makes me feel giddy.

Just last week, I wanted to buy Jens a belt. Daggy me, couldn't find the display area and I had been passing it more than 5 times. lol. Anyway, I found a pair of short pants with belt on it for just $1.50. Isn't that a remarkable find? It would have cost me more than 5 bucks for the belt alone.

We also bought Jens a talking book for just $15. And my MIL thought we bought it for 40 bucks.

Last Friday, I bought these books for just $10 in A & R. The original price was a total of 28 bucks. I saved a lot.
I'm always on the look-out for good deals when shopping, sometimes even for travel and holidays. There are always sale and marked-down price for tours in travel agencies (like Chicago travel). Problem is Mcj will only fly on trusted airline companies' airplanes. When I say trusted it means no record of plain crush in the last 5 years or so.


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