Wednesday, May 7


I may sound so dummy and naive but I popped my own popcorn recently for the first time. Conventionally.
I found a healthy snacks recently, that is popcorn, but eventually dislike it. The salt or whatever in it burnt my tongue, lips and gums. And before that happened, Mcj suggested that I buy popping corn and do my own. I was hesitant thinking that it may be too hard. I don't like hard work, you know. But with the sore mouth problem, I eventually bought a pack and started making my own. And it was fun!
I did it right the first. Just burnt some because I don't agitate it constantly. It will be hardwork then if I will do it that way. Hehehe. Maybe, I just have to reduce the heat and agitate it every now and then.
I like it soo much that I am stacking popping corn. Scared I might run out. :)
I remember back when I was still a girlie at my parents' place. We can just have popcorn during fiestas or when there were carnivals in town. Now, when I eat.. it feels like it. Manol gid. :)


Mich said...

ako din i find it hard to cook popcorn parating sunog eh! LOL! i let hubby do the microwaving. Heeheee...

Anonymous said...

I like popcorns too...basta caramel flavour :)

BTW, Mommy you're tagged!

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Unknown said...

ako din i luv it in caramel flavor yuuumyyyyy

Princess of CJ said...

@mich, ako din sunog lagi and last night Mcj did it and it turned out alright. :)

@rosselle, im not really into sweet but the salt is making my lips sore. :(

@cielo, will try caramel flavour. :)