Monday, May 5

Our Sunday Walk

Yesterday, my little boy and I went for a walk in the morning. Instead of taking the usual route which is up to the main road, we instead took the route to the end of our road. We've been doing our daily walk for more or less 7 months but we really didn't venture that route, so that was our first time (second for me, the first when Mcj drove me around). We really didn't see any of our neighbor. The houses are far from the gate. One house looks vacant. There were newspapers lying on the gutter and the mailbox was bursting of mails. There were no signs that the property was for sale (just like in Hilton Head rentals) though. We really didn't notice that much around our neighborhood but I now know what's the name of the kennel and cattery resort. Well, we didn't walked too far as the road was slopey and pushing the pram on the way back was taxing for my arms.