Wednesday, May 7

I've Got Mail

Since I started subscribing to freebies, I get excited to check our mailbox everyday. It is the only reason why I don't like weekends.

I am not consistent with the address that I provided to those freebie companies. At first, I gave our post office mailbox but eventually I did use our residential add. I myself is puzzled what is my rule why I gave our home address or the reason why. I still switch addresses sometimes.

Obviously, I favor our home address mailbox as I get to see the mails everyday. It brightens my day to receive any freebies, however insignificant they are.

Mcj requested for a key duplicate of our PO box, so I can access it anytime. Mcj's brother has the only key before so if he's away, we can't pick-up the mail anytime... though you can pick them up during office hours. Just ask at the counter in the post office.