Tuesday, May 6

Things ToDo

I saw this meme from fellow blogger last night and wanted to do it but haven't gotten around of doing it. Then, I got a tag from Arlene for the same meme. Thanks sis.

  1. I really need to wash the canvass shoes that I soak.
  2. Put away Jens clothes that I washed yesterday - remove the lint and fold them.
  3. Wash the bedsheets that we bought today.
  4. Mend (sew) the seams of my white capri pants.
  5. Sew the sash of Mcj's robe so it doesn't dangle on the back.

Whew! I never thought I have so much stuff to do until I made this list. You see, I only do things when I see them. Out of sight, out of mind. Lucky, I don't pay the bills lest we would have a foreclosure notice because of late payment. Well, this list is just what's on top of my mind, not to mention those that have been buried at the land of burke. :)

I'm passing the list to Tracy, Chelle, Lutchi, Yums and Shiela.


Anonymous said...

thanks for playing along, sis.

yon nga as a mommy endless ang things na dapat gawin. diba?

wish you a nice day today! bundle up!

Princess of CJ said...

right sis! things to do just keep on popping up. :)

nice day too!