Saturday, May 31

What's Next?

Okay, I got my PR visa. So what's next?

We've applied for the little boy's passport last week. Received an email today that it should arrive in the registered mail in the coming week. I kid Mcj if that's the sign that our supposedly trip back "home" would be soon. And he said, blah.

With the visa, I'm planning to join the corporate rat race. Again! I said before that going back to full employment would depend on the age of Jens. It still is. There are lots of things to be done to prepare the biggest separation of the millenium ever and I haven't started any yet. But, the thought of contributing some moolah towards our retirement/future in the soonest possible time is very enticing. So, I'm giving into it. But not too soon. True, I've looked up the net for some job openings but I haven't registered on those sites nor have I updated my resume. I am always excited with the prospest but I admit, I am a big procrastinator. Actually, as of now.. I feel like I am stuck into something that I can't even make the first move. I reckon, a trip back to the Philippines would perk me up. So, let it be soon. :)