Saturday, July 21

Birthing Story

Friday, I was two days overdue, too anxious to see Bubba yet MCJ kept on thinking the spooky Friday the 13th. I woke-up late as usual but for a change took a long walk up to the main street which is approximately a km to and fro. We had lunch and I still continue blogging.

Come 2pm, I felt mild contractions which lasted for less than a minute and were more than 10 minutes apart. I don't really know how braxton hicks feel so I reckon they were them. I did some cooking later that day and then had a lie-down past 5pm. We were planning to go to the shops so I got up before 6pm and went to the loo. There I noticed a show on my liner and the contractions started to get stronger and lasted a bit longer. Everytime I had contractions at the shop, we have to stop because I really can't walk.

We went home and had dinner then watch Friday Night Footy. I rang-up the hospital and told them about the show and the intensity of my contractions and was advised to go up there if I really can't tolerate the pain or I want pain reliever. Since, I still can bear the pain we stayed home. By 9pm, the pain really intensified and I think I already lost some plug so we decided to went to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital 9.35pm and by that time, I reckon I was on the active phase of labor. I am having three contractions in 10 minutes. The midwives monitored Bubba's heartbeat every after contractions. I was already 6cm dilated.

I was asked and encouraged to have a warm bath or shower to relieve the pain but I just know my body... I know I can't take it as I already feel cold.

With the pain of contractions, all I wanted to do was go to sleep. :) Funny!

Past 10pm, I already had the urge to push and well, thankfully I was allowed to. (I was advised to push only when the baby is ready.) My water broke past 10.30pm.. and boy what a relief! From then, they checked Bubba's heartbeat every minute or I reckon every movement I made. Bubba was starting to drop down though.

Btw, I asked for nitrous oxide to relieve the pain but it really didn't help. The hospital has only tube that you have to inhale through your mouth and I am not effective in breathing through every contractions. I felt it intensified the pain because I was short of breath, so eventually I gave up using it and just went without any pain reliever.

During the antenatal class, I told MCJ that I won't have epidural but then I changed my mind while I am experiencing the laborous pain. And it was MCJ who's somewhat against it. I understand him though because I was already in active labor phase and I could jeopardize the process of putting on the anesthetics if I cringe or just slightly move my body during contractions. So I went withouth it either.

In short, I didn't have any pain reliever.. I am sure you can imagine the pain that I've been through. :) And MCJ can really attest that my pain tolerance is very low if close to nil. I'm surprise myself that I carried-on.

Anyway, the midwife was really very encouraging that every push I made I can hear "perfect", "lovely".. blah blah and all the endearments. I also reckon I did so because I can feel that Bubba's head was going down down and down.

Funny though because I really want to hang on to MCJ every time I push... and he also did some pushing himself.

There were contractions that I can only make two pushes as I was really exhausted and tired.

I've already entertained the idea in my mind to have a CS as I can not bear the pain any longer. I've told MCJ that it was getting too painful for me but he thought I could not have a CS anymore as Bubba's head was already too engaged so I would end-up having forceps or vacuum delivery. Ackkk.. I think forceps are far more painful than normal. So what he did was help me push by bringing my chin to my chest every time I push and it did helped.

I deliver Bubba in three long pushes around 0056 of the 14th of July.

There was no time for the midwives to do the episiotomy as everything just happened so quick and I ended up having 4th level tears. They have to sent me to the theater for the stitching around 4am.

While waiting for me to be shifted to the theater.. I really understand and come to know what they said that giving birth is like being hit by a truck. I was shivering uncontrollably even with two warm blankets over me.

And I can't find my voice while I was being stitched. I was conscious all the time but just numb from waist down.

And.. and.. and.. I was even more scared with the stitching process than the delivery itself. :) Maybe because of all the gadgets that were attached to my body during the operation.

I went out of the theather around 5am.. and stayed at the recovery area for 30 minutes then was shifted to the maternity ward. MCJ had left home already and Bubba was at the nursery. He was then shifted when I was in the room but I was too tired to entertain him. I asked if I can eat or drink something but was advised to wait until breakfast.. Waaaa.. I was too hungry, sleepy, tired and thirsty that I cant get rest.

Breakfast time came... MCJ came to visit me and I had shower. I feel normal again except for some pain "down there".

We went home Monday afternoon.. and life has been.. ummmmm.. unexplainable with Bubba around (another post).

I can't remember now how painful it was... but I am terrified with pain these days. Yet, I am physically getting better and better!

(I still use Bubba because we haven't decided our son's nickname ;D)


lady cess said...

waaa! ambilis ng panahon! andyan na pala si baby! picture naman dyan! congrats to you and your hubby. im so happy for you :D

YETTE said...

Congratulations on your bundle of joy!! You must be very proud and happy... God bless! =D

gracita said...

hi era! congratulations! the pain of delivery is finally over but i bet it was worth it! (kasi tapos na...hehe). natawa ako about suddenly wanting an epidural.

anyway, glad to know you're ok and bubba as well! post pictures of him! :)

Mich said...

haaay, until now, I could still feel the pain (not the delivery but the recovery part). I had a hard time with the recovery part plus breastfeeding pa. Pero as you've said, sulit naman. :) congrats! you've been brave!

fionixe said...

good day! ^_^ wee!

ako yung nahirapan sa post mo po, kasi parang nararamdaman ko rin yung "push" part. kahit ala naman akong anak. pero i felt relieved din naman nung nakalabas na si baby.

hehe. anubayan? sobrang apektado naman ako. ^_^ '

Anonymous said...

Era, congrats! Grabe u had 4th degree tears! i hope ur stitches are healing well now. buti hinde nagkajaundice baby nyo after losing wt. take care!