Wednesday, July 4

Tagged by Arlene

I was tagged by Arlene and Mich. Can I just change the word "hate" to "not like"? I just don't like the word and as much as possible I don't want to use it.

These are the list of things/stuff that I don't like:

1. Food. None that I know of aside from stale food.

2. Fruit. None that I can remember.

3. Veggies. Capsicum - I don't like the smell.

4. Celebrities / People. Shamelessly corrupt politicians and those that would give unsolicited ill comment to a situation/people/event just to add sparkle to their dimming light.

5. Event / Situation / Incident. People stepping on other's foot just to get ahead.

6. TV Shows / Movies. Exaggerated news/controversies about celebrities or politicians to make noise for their name.

7. Music. Rap.

8. Household chores. None. I just love the feeling of accomplishing something but that doesn't mean I would do them always. I love doing them all in my time. :)

9. Things around the world. Human exploitation.

10. Things about myself. Being impatient but I'm working on it.

Anyone who wants to do this tag? Feel free and have fun! :)


lady cess said...

so, di mo type ang brouhaha over ruffa and kris :)

Saturn De Los Angeles said...

hehe, i guess u hate politics eh...^^

ann said...

Like ko rin ang household chores kase walang choice...hahaha! Can't afford akong mag hire ng househelp.