Saturday, January 12

Creating Business

In our state here, most people are into business - small scale business. I think, it has something to do with the lifestyle because as we all know though running your own business isn't a piece of cake, it also has some incentives. Once the business is already established you can manage your own time, with equates to more time spend to the family, leisure, holidays, etc. We are in a sunshine state and most people are always on merry and holiday mood - beaches are just an hour drive and flocked by big mob every weekend.

Anyway, people who venture into business needs skills because most were not just managers who sit on their swivel chair in the office, they also were the employees spending time working on the field or with the customers. Government also plays a vital and important role in this venture. There are lots of free training and free education (or sort of like that) offered to the people of the state. Institutions were also created (just like CITB) - another business created.