Saturday, January 19

The Rise of an Aussie

A Little Aussie Battler as some call her, has become an Australian Number 1 in Women tennis. She's through to the fourth round - defeating Amelie Mauresmo, a former world number 1 last night. It was so exhilirating watching her and very dramatic when the match was over especially for her family.

Like most players, she worked her way to the top. Her humble start is very inspiring. She told in an interview that she buy her training outfit in Target. Can you imagine that. That was aired nationwide and Target's response was providing her some outfit that she can wear (seen a jacket in an offcourt interview this morning) and a two grand shopping spree. She also said, she's lucky that her game outfit was sponsored by Nike. Well, as far as I know players of any game and event were always sponsored by big companies (like Adidas golf).

Hopefully, this little Aussie will make it to the top.