Sunday, January 6

The Dream

Before I went to college, my mind was full of ideas and options of what program will I enrolled in. I wanted to be a nurse (given the lure of going abroad) but I'm scared of sharp objects - even kitchen knives. I want to be a journalist, an engineer but I end up in Accountancy. A field too far from what I really want, which I'm not really good at - I'm hopeless with numbers.

When it was my youngest sister's turn to go to college, I want her to be a nurse. Unfortunately, we don't have a flowing source of money. The hefty tuition fees scared me(us) plus the cost of the medical supplies that she will be needing on her (supposedly) internship - it overwhelmed me to say the least. The idea was not internalized at all. She ended up in Accountancy for one term then left it there and took up education instead. I don't know if she's good in teaching and kids but lucky for her, she passed the board examinations.