Friday, January 11

On Loosing Weight

According to the news, Australia is one of the most obese country in the world. I haven't see much obese people yet, but that was according to study, surveys and what-have-yous.

With this issue, come the influx of all sorts of diet (at some time during the day tv commercials were inundated by all forms of diet), lapband surgery and other weight loss surgeries, etc. People has soo much option to choose from inorder to get rid of the excess weight or to just pretify.

Last week, I've seen in the news a 14 year old girl who underwent a weight loss surgery. She didn't look really fat to me but she want a good life - maybe one that nobody will perceive her as fat. Sometimes you can blame them to resort in this form of weight loss option because let's face it , descrimination happens anywhere. Oh well, to each his own.