Friday, January 25

The Aus Open Bit

It's the last weekend of the Australian Open and one of the grandslams would be over. And it is a big night tonight, well for me that is, as Roger Federer is playing...
... against a Serbian seed 3, Novak Djokovic in the semi-final.
I will be rooting for Roger for sure but if he will lost, I won't be that devastated as I know Novak play excellent tennis.

It's been sort of a habit to have munchies (read junk food) on Friday night for movies and for tonight, tennis. But I havent really tried buying popcorn, as first I am not big on it and, second, we don't have popcorn machine. I don't want to make in microwave. Oh well, the choice of munchies is not really a problem to us, as MCJ and I love Twistees. :)


Sreisaat said...

Sis, natalo si Federer!
But I have to admit that Federer losing 3 consecutive sets, and to Djokovich pa, is unprecedented :D It was a great match and I enjoyed it tremendously. I say it's about time that there's a new Aussie Open champ, don't you agree? Federer had already 3. So who are you rooting for today - Tsonga or Djokovich? Sayang, I was hoping Nadal pa naman to snag his first Aussie Open title :D

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