Friday, January 18

Late Christmas Presy


No, I haven't been away from home.. just from blogging. I was and still is busy watching tennis. We've been inundated by tennis since three weeks ago but one of the grand slams started Monday (the Australian Open), so my days and nights were occupied (deserve another post).

Anyway, this morning I received a package. I'm not really excited about it but since it cost me nothing, I was looking forward to it.

I've been on shopping spree online since Christmas because of the sales and bargains. I'm really a sucker of these. And then I found out that there was a nice offer in one of the sites where I shop - free shipping and a freebie (perfume) when you pay through Paypal. So I grabbed the opportunity (just like the paid opps). But just this week, I received an email saying that it has run-out of perfume so it is sending a makeup kit instead.

And this is it, a 98 color eye shadow.

I don't use makeup but it's nice to have this just incase I need one.

And there's another freebie coming.