Saturday, January 12

Glasses for the Family

Both MCJ and I wear glasses. I am short-sighted while he is otherwise. I reckon we complement each other, what do you think? If he needs his glasses and they're not handy, I would kid him to borrow mine and just put them away from his eyes, it might help. NOT!

Recently, he had been complaining that his glasses are giving him headaches. He might need another prescription one but he couldn't be bothered. I told him we can claim a portion of the cost from our private medical insurance but.. but.. but.. many buts. One time when we were at the mall, we bought him one, with grade closer to what he got. He likes the frame and all because it was very light. The only complain was because he tested them on a different distance in the shop, he now can't see clearly when he's infront of the computer because of the distance. Huh!

So there, he needs another but not really emergency while I want a transition one so I don't have to wear sunglasses, if I need be. And I have this Great Discovery: Selling glasses online is their specialty. As much as I love shopping especially online, I'm so keen on giving away important personal details like card details and home address. So I guess, I could use some of my blogging money (from paypal) for shopping eyeglasses, if we want to.