Friday, January 25

Whiney? No, Just Wishing. :)

When I came here, I was introduced to the complexity of home theatre system (for me that is) with VCR, set top box, DVD player attached to the box. Our tube is sort of like vintage, jurassic or of bygone era. (When MCJ read this, he'll say I'm a whinger - hehehe). I am not really complaining as though the box maybe of old model, it gives good picture and that's what important isn't it? But, having a wide screen one would be more than alright as I dont have to wear my glasses while watching. :)

Anyway, as of now the VCR sort of like controls all the other what-have-you visual media. I have to remember which channel is it in the VCR if I want to watch DVD, which channel is it when I want a digital picture, etc. My wish list though has the wide screen latest model box in it and maybe, I could add HDMI switches. It would really make it more sophisticated and easy to use. :)