Saturday, January 12

Sports and Seasons

New year means new season. Season for what, you say. Well, not really all about TV series but also in sports. New season for footies - rugby league, rugby union, soccer - for tennis - Kooyong, NSW International series, Australian Open - and what-have-yous. Yes, the television had been inundated by tennis and Australian Open hasn't started yet. But it will be on on Monday.

Aussies love sports, being that almost all sporting events were televised on free tv. People who depend on free to air channel are thankful for this and we are among them. We don't miss out on any sporting events that the nation deemed important. But of course, there are many ways on how to be up-to-date and not just in the comfort of ones lounge room but also anywhere that one wants as there are lots of media that can be used - just like the RBS that will have 6 nations podcasts. That's talking of comfort and style.