Friday, January 25

Family Game

Jens have been the family joy when he was born, more so when he was able to smile, to interact properly, to roll-over, to crawl, to grab and eat or lick things, to eat solids, and so on. (You know I can blabber on and on about our Little Boy. LOLz)

Anyway, as parents, we are always proud whatever milestones and achievements he has. We can't stop bragging about it to family and relies, sometimes up to the extent that it seems it was us who do those things - though we're not owning those achievements. They gave us wings that let us fly and feel light and dizzy.

Okay, enough of being melodramatic.. what I really want to say here is just about Jens' recent antic. He can play peek a book. It started the day before last when he was on our bed and got inside the sheets. His reaction from being blinded was kicking furiously but at the same time, he found joy in doing so. He thought it was a game. Then I started introducing him to peek-a-boo game.
Jens covering his face.

And when I say, where's the bubbub.. he'll take the cloth out of his face.

As a Mummy, you always feel nice even if you're tired when you see your Bub happy. Its a reward more expensive than specially engraved plaques.