Wednesday, January 2


Anonymous said...

Hi! Very good shots!
Happy New Year!

Marie said...

what great shots!!!! you're lucky to go to the beach in the thick of winter!!! Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

what a happy day for you and your family sis!

great shots! wow! just wondering how old the tree is..

Happy new year din!

Momisodes said...

aww! those were so sweet!
Happy new year!

Shorts and sun on New years?? So jealous :)

dangkin said...

hey! bubba's getting really BIG!

more blessings this year to you and the whole clan! :-)

Mich said...

what!? si bubba na ba ito!?!?! oh my, he's a big boy already!! I was surprised! :)

Happy New Year! Hope you had a nice one!