Saturday, January 19

Something To Keep Me Busy

When we get excited of doing something or going to somewhere, we always prepare mentally. Maybe not all of us, but I am this kind. When I was working, I've figured out what will I wear for the entire week on Sundays. When I have upcoming events to attend to, my mind is seem like in panick mode almost all the time trying to think what will I wear, what will I do, etc. I don't worry that much but I guess it's just a bit of OC in me.

Okay, MCJ and I planned to go "home" to RP this year. What comes in my mind first? Presents for the relies. Yeah! Funny, isn't it? I haven't thought of how are we going to prepare for our trip knowing that we have Bub in tow. Maybe, because aside from the basic stuff that Bubby needs, there's nothing much to prepare. But wait, we don't have luggages. I've worn out our luggages when I was coming to and fro last year and the year before last. That's another thing to look out for on sale. I'm not really aiming to buy something like Swiss Army luggage but just anything that my budget will afford and of course durable. I'm sure shopping for this will keep me busy in the next days.