Friday, January 25

Talking of Jobs

Just recently, I was chatting to my ex-officemate/friend from the Philippines. We used to work in the same company and the same department before I left and apparently she left the company also. Now she's working as a consultant - the best job, well for some, that you can land on after working on a financial software (which includes financial reporting) for more than two years.

I gather from her that, the said profession, if you may call it, is highly in demand here in OZ. I knew that then when we were still working together but despite living here, I can't say yes to that, as I don't really have an idea. Maybe because I haven't tried looking for a job even just for curiousity sakes on the internet. One of these days, I may try looking up the net. I mentioned it to MCJ and he said, that might be true because the software company has this huge building in the city's CBD. If that's the fact, it gives me high hopes that someday.. I might land on the same job - but do I really need the pressure there? :) Big question mark that I don't have to answer right now.