Wednesday, January 2

Year-end Big Day Out

We ended the 2007 with a big day out for our Little Bub.

We drove Nan and Pop to Nan's sister in the other side of town, about an hour drive from home.

We had a lovely time. We were supposedly have packed lunch so she won't be bothered but she decided to treat us like king and queen, served lunch on her fine cutleries and china. The lunch was nice.

She showed us around her new home and I've never seen soo much painting in my life. Well, she paints hence there are paintings everywhere, I mean even in her toilet and laundry. She paints well.

Her daughter and granddaughters came and Jens was passed around like hot potato. They even volunteered to change his nappy. They might be a little curious how winky looks like. Lol.
They have a little pup that licked Jens feet, good thing he was wearing his Santa outfit again, so the toes were covered. But Jens loved the dog and he got excited when it climbed on MCJ's legs.

We went home late and we're to go to MCJ's brother's place for the New Year - about three quarters of an hour drive from home, a place close to the beach. So, we again get ready to leave right when we got home.

We fill-up the car on the way and grab a bite on the highway service station. Little Bub had his first try on the high chair. I gave him plastic to play on because he would lick the table if there's nothing in front of him. After Mum and Dad's meal, off we went.

It's been a yearly thing to have New Year's with inlaws. We just usually do karaoke, dance, play, drink, eat and the stuff. This year, they didn't have much guest, so we just hang around and talk and have more fun. Usually, there's a fireworks display but it was cancelled due to the bad weather. Actually, there was some sort of mini cyclone in their place because of the wind blowing from the sea.

As always, our Big Guy got his dose of attention. Everybody loves him especially when he showed them his new tricks. Papparazzi swarmed in too. He staye awake until midnight and we watched fireworks on the telly.

We slept in there so when the other guests left, we [MCJ and I and MCJ's brother (G) and his wife(N)] played darts. It was women vs men on a giddy up game. The men were running mile ahead of us but we caught them up on the bullsye. Nobody had ever hit it. MCJ had 6 bottles of wine and cola and G&N were pissed and it was my first time to play darts. We either hit the green or around it but the red. We've been trying to get into it for almost an hour that we called it a draw around 4AM.

They all went to sleep but me. I have this thing of unable to sleep in a new place.


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