Saturday, January 12

Getting Intouch

I'd been a lousy, sloppy bug last holidays. Why? Because I never bother to send sms's, emails, ecards and what-have-you's to most of my friends overseas to greet them last Christmas and New Year, except though to my family and some online friends. It was so unlike me as sometimes I am thoughtful. Well, Ive thought about them, I haven't just gotten around to make an email or use my fingers to press the keys on the phone. I guess, I was on holiday mood (read lazy) on those days.

Anyway, I've been thinking of rectifying my action or lack of it, soon. I'll be in a mood to get in touch with them one of these days. Sometimes, I consider of being conventional despite of the technologies and systems available in this age, that is going back to snail mail - sending Postcards, occasion cards, and thingie-me-bob. I reckon, it is still the sweetest way of keeping intouch in these days. I was really touched, flattered and happy when I received a snail from a friend back in RP last year. She's really sweet anyway.

On the side note, if you're considering of ordering cards for the holidays this year (some of you might be like me), you can visit vistaprint. There are whole lot of products available from brochures, flyers, letter head, folders, and what-have-yous. Check it out!