Sunday, January 27
... is Novak Djokovic.

He's the first Serbian to win a Grand Slam Championship and if I've heard it right, the youngest to have won the Australian Open trophy.

The match was a battle of the champions. His opponent, Tsonga played really good winning the first set but I think, Djokovic loosen up after the first set and started to play excellent tennis that he bagged the three sets consecutively.

It was a match worth missing a movie that I've been looking forward to see. :)
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At 5:56 pm, Blogger ZJ said........
Hurray for that!
Did you know that Djokovich was nicknamed Choke-o-vitch? It's because he choked on his US Open finals match against Federer. He failed to produce brilliant shots. I watched the whole match and was thinking he'd freeze again. Fortunately he recovered and won the next three sets. hehehe.
Don't you also notice that Tsonga looked like the younger Muhammand Ali??? Haba ng comment ko a :D

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