Friday, December 14

Another Tag

I've been flooded out with tags these days and it took me longer to do them. Sorry, ladies. :) This one is from Julai. Thanks, sis!

Five things found in my bag
  1. wallet
  2. vanity purse
  3. pen
  4. organizer
  5. camera

Five things found in my wallet

  1. loose change
  2. cards
  3. photos
  4. receipts/dockets
  5. and some trash :P

Five things found in my (our) room

  1. bedroom suite
  2. tv and the lot (vcr, dvd player, set top box)
  3. closet
  4. bubby's bed
  5. clock

Five things I've always wanted to do

  1. sleep in my spare time
  2. read when im not tired
  3. shop when i want to
  4. see my family when i miss them (down moment)
  5. exercise when i have to

Five things I'm currently into

  1. taking care of bubba-bub
  2. watching M*A*S*H at 5pm on weekdays
  3. reading a medieval book
  4. sewing
  5. everything there is to do on the net

Five people to tag - since this is an old tag and probably almost everyone had done this, just anybody who's interested. :)