Thursday, December 20

The Careless Me!

Have I mentioned that I'm careless? I mean, I can be OC but at times, just place things (such as jewelry) out of their place even those that are important and well, dear but not as dear as those that are designer inspired jewelry.

I don't normally wear my rings around the house especially doing the dishes and stuff where they can get wet or dirty, just when going out. One day, I prepared some food right after we got home and just pocketed my rings and totally forgot about them. I then hung my jeans on the chair at the end of the bed, where it was possible for the rings to slip-off the pocket. The following day, I found my engagement ring on the floor while rocking Jens to sleep. I wondered why was it there when I normally place them on the small plate on the dressing table? I checked there and the other rings were nowhere in sight. Waaaa! Just then, I remembered that I had them on my pocket the other day. Hummmm.

I told MCJ about it and as expected, he said he's not going to buy me anymore jewelry because I'm careless. I told him, he should buy me the beautiful jewelry holder that we saw at the chemist. His reply? Buying it doesn't mean your jewelry will be safe, it's up to you to place them there. Or something of that sort. Sooo right! When will I ever learn? When I lost one? God help no!