Tuesday, December 11

Long Overdue Tags

I've been tagged by Arlene but it took me soo long to do them - sorry sis I've been a slack these days, seems on a holiday mood. Anyway...

Thoughts on Christmas

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Christmas to me is a special time to ponder the great love God has done to us by giving us His Son to be born in Bethlehem long time ago. So, this season is a time for sharing and giving love to everyone. I feel that everyone is happy on Christmas time. Yeah, pressures on holiday expenses may bother us but if you have to remember the true essence of Christmas - you just can’t help but feel happy to know that you have made your loved one, your next door neighbor, the inmates, the homeless, the orphans, or anyone happy because you give love on Christmas day. —Dancing in Midlife Tune/ Sunshineforlife.

I've long past the worldly mentality of Christmas. For me now, it is the birthday of Jesus Christ and it doesn't matter how we celebrate it.. what's important is what is inside our heart and mind. As much as possible I don't want to give into the commercialism of this holiday nor be extra good because I want to be good, giving, loving, etc everyday. I just want to feel special and be thankful on this day because God has given us a brother to redeem us from our sins. - Permance In Change

Loved Ones Lost

I've got lost loved ones but it was when I was young so I really didn't have the opportunity to bond with them. I can't remember my relationship with them. And I am thankful that I haven't experience a devastating loss and I don't want to. And as much as possible, I want to be the person that my loved ones expect me to be and I want to be good to them so I won't have any regrets when they're out of this world.


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