Sunday, December 16

Musings of a Proud Mum

I was reading a Mummy diary in Practical Parenting mag while eating my lunch. Her bub is 5 months old and she was telling his milestones and I told myself, hey, Jen's can do that before he turned 5 months, blah blah blah.

I'm not bragging because Jens in his early days was branded a "little boy". Not a compliment (NOT) that I want to hear but I had to face. At some point, it hurt me but I was telling myself that, I'm not a big woman and he has some of his genes from me. I also consoled myself with his milestones. Yes, he was not big but it didn't mean that he was not healthy, as a matter of fact, most people that saw him reckoned he was really that healthy and alert, plus he was quite advance in his motor skills. Anyway, I'm past through all this blah.

I'm just a proud Mum and this is my diary. :)

Okay, going back to his milestones. Before he turn 4 months, he was already laughing, as in with loud giggles and hearty sounds. MCJ reckoned that time, he was way ahead of his age but I didnt mind, but after reading the magazine.. I confirmed it. The first time I heard of his laugh was in his sleep, he might be dreaming of chocolates and ice creams - smiley food. LOL. Then, we had this game at night when he gets whingy while I'm still doing the dishes, MCJ would come to me hurriedly, baby in his arms and I would leap to him making kissing sounds - that was when we heard his first hearty laughs awake.

At five months, he can easily maneuver himself from his back to his tummy in the blink of an eye. He can circle his cot in less than five minutes either on his belly or on his back. While on his back, he can push/arch himself with the tip of his head and heels on the mattress while his body up in the air. He's quite an acrobat actually. He has very strong neck muscles that he wants to lift his head and back when you lie him down - his most unwanted position when awake. His crawling is getting quite good - he's lifting his bum up now like a bee.

He roll-over on his sleep. I said here that he had mastered different positions while sleeping but not on his belly yet. Then one night, I found him asleep on his belly that it scared me. I was thinking that he might not be able to breath so I rolled him over which woke him up. The next day, he slept on our bed and did the same thing. I didn't left him at all - scared that he might fall-off the bed or he might suffocate himself.

This sleeping position prompted me to put pillows on his sides so he can't roll-over though putting pillows on baby's bed are not recommended. And it doesn't stop him from moving away from them and rolled-over.


Our BIG Guy is not a fussy eater, I'm proud to say that. I just hope he will stay the same until he's a tot and with vege on his diet. Though, you can see a sour-face when he doesnt like what he's eating yet he'll swallow it.

At this stage, it is ironic that sometimes I want destruction while he's eating so he won't concentrate on holding the spoon rather on the things around him. We've tried feeding him outdoor so he can see the birds and colorful plants - diverting his attention away from eating and I can have the total control of the spoon and food. All these to prevent him from screaming the house down because he wanted to hold the spoon himself.

(i didn't use bibs if he'll have a bath after feed but i found out that pear juice leaves stain on his clothes so i eventually use one every time he eats)

Sometimes, he's not really interested on his food but on the spoon itself - to chew something hard to soothe his aching gums. Good thing we bought a not point-ended spoon so he won't hurt himself.

But more often, he can down his cereals in just minutes - the bowl swept and clean - and wanting more.

And he now knows that it's his feeding bowl, because when I'm mixing his cereal and show it to him, he would give me a smile. I've also started to make his cereal wee lumpy so he can't blow raspberry, it ending on his face and mine.


He's movements are more coordinated now and his dexterity is quite developed. I usually read book or magazine when feeding him and he would stop eating and reach for the reading material - sometimes just holding it and flipping pages but more often straight to his mouth. He can also grab his teether littered on the bed and hold it while sucking for longer time.

Oh he loves sitting on your legs while you rock him so a rocking horse is on the christmas shopping list. Plus a new baby car seat. He's growing out of the baby capsule. The baby capsule that we hired is due for return early next year but you can extend it for another month if the baby is still small and fits well on it. But Jens feels too bit on it already.


I can go on and on and on.. but that's it for now. LOL. His ears might be burning now.

By the way, I end up calling our Big Guy, Jens and not Ian. I had a change of mind and heart as to his name. :)


Anonymous said...

hi era! pareho tayo ng feeding bowl. hehe... :D ang bilis ng panahon, Jens will be almost 6 months old na pala. Better put more harang. those pillows won't be of much help.