Saturday, December 15
Time flies sooo quick, our Big Guy is now 5 months and getting bigger and heavier by the day. He doesn't ran out of tricks to make us laugh. And he's a rotten young man, he got Mummy at his beck and call.

Some of the photos taken during the month:

I love my fish

yum yum yum - i love my cereal

the bookworm

my book taste nice

first christmas gift

And speaking of gifts, MCJ one afternoon was making a mental list and I fall on the category of naughty. Hummmm, I wonder what will he give me. I really didn't want any, but it came to my mind to have an ipod especially when I see a sale one on the catalogue. But I don't really need one. Have to re-think on what I really want.

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At 4:16 pm, Blogger Sunshine4Life said........
ahh grabe pati libro kinakagat. hmmmm his teeth will soon be out, sis. :D

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