Sunday, December 23

Christmas Shopping


The shops were open until Midnight last Thursday, so we went to shop. We went there late but just intime for dinner, so we did. I wasn't finished picking up stuff that I want in one store and MCJ told me that his left leg feels numb, he needs to sit. So off we went out to sit and for him to have a smoke. Our manie was sleepy so I pushed the pram back and forth. When we came into the shops again, he was full of beans, he's normal happy state.

Then went to another shop, and another shop, and another shop.

We went out of the shops around 11PM and our Little Boy was still awake - never dozed off a single second. But finally zonked out on our way to the car.

I tell you, you can't really get what you want and all you want when you have a bubby and an ill husband. We went home with me not getting what I want, waaaaa.

I got MCJ a Battlestar Galactica 16 disc collection DVD - what he wanted for a long time.
I reckon MCJ was obsessed with chair as we got our Manie a sofa. He said Jens could use it when we go camping.

And his first real shoes and clothes, among others.

And though, I didn't get all what I want, I have lots of choices now for my summer wardrobe.


dangkin said...! i had my first real experience here yesterday and i must admit, i don't like it at all.. i prefer doing everything online na talaga! :-)

btw, i like that little couch..must be very comfy for your little guy ;)

have a fun christmas! :-)