Saturday, December 29


How was your Christmas everyone? I hope you had fun.

Ours was inundated. Inundated of cylons, humans living in spaceships and somebody living in Caprica City. If you've watched Battle Star Galactica, you know who and what I mean.

Since, we bought MCJ's Christmas present, we've been watching it every night until last and I know until we finished the whole pack. He didn't spare Christmas day. I think, he's halfway through the 3rd season, the last in the pack.

I don't really like sci-fi but I have come to enjoy it. Sometimes I think my mind is soo flooded with the program that I am dreaming about it. LOL.

I want to break the routine but I've watched The Devil Wears Prada and The Lake House last week so I don't have any new movies anymore. I think, I would prefer Tagalog ones, just to completely forgot BSG.