Sunday, December 2

The Santa 'Clause'

I didn't knew then that Tim Allen is a comedian, heck I don't even know who Tim Allen was. I think, the first time that his name registered to my mind was when I saw him in Dame Edna's show. But still I don't know what are the movies that he starred.

Then, I saw the movie Christmas with the Kranks and I found it hilarious. I'm the kind who is less interested with movies with stars that I don't know, I seem can't relate or identify myself to it. I enjoyed more watching a movie, even if it's slightly boring, if I know the stars moreso, if it has my favorites. This one, I took MCJ's word for it for being a nice movie. Thanks to him, I love it that we watched another Tim Allen's movie - The Santa Clause.

The Santa Clause appealed to my inner kid, as said in the movie. I wasn't laughing the entire time but I felt good watching it. As a matter of fact, like the Christmas with the Kranks, I recorded it also to watch it over and over again.

Anyway, imagine yourself being Santa, going from one place to another to give gifts - wouldn't you get tired? Imagine also, what would you look like after passing through a very small chimney (for the toilets) because the house has no fireplace, just a heater? What about Christmas in OZ, where it is summer - where would Santa pass? Maybe, he'll just knock on the door. It's a lot of hardwork to look for chimney.

But it is more hardwork for the elves. Making all those gifts and wrapping them. Fortunately for them, they are in herds as to number so work is divided.


Are you playing santa this season or on the receiving end? If you're the earlier, have you finished your list yet? If you have sunglasses in your list, don't wait for the elves to make it for you - head on to a store like Opticsplanet - a store that has the biggest bag of goodies for this season especially optics. With all the list of gifts that the elves prepared for this year, yours might land on the QC next year. :)


Unknown said...

wala rin akong kilala sa mga yon sis...hehehe....