Thursday, December 20

Snagged Meme

Snagged this from the lovely lady. Thanks again, sis!


coLor :: powder blue, earth colors, light colors
fOod :: seafood
sOng :: insatiable, i wanna go home, my immortal
movie :: romance, comedy and thriller (any feel good movie)
sports :: tennis, cricket, footies, racing, swimming, and more...
day/s of the week :: everyday
season :: autumn, summer and spring
ice cream :: choc chip


mood :: happy, sleepy, makulit
taste :: sweet (just had half bar of snickers)
shirt :: anything with button or zip front - easy feeding
desktop :: lots of crap :P
toenail :: short - with touch of pink polish
time :: 10.31AM
surroundings :: office
thoughts :: hurry up, finish your opps before bubby wakes up

best friend :: my mother
crush :: the badminton player in hs
movie :: cant remember
Lie :: cant remember either
songs :: leaving on a jetplane

cigar :: dont smoke but hubby does
drink :: water
car ride :: inlaws car - ours needs servicing
phone caLL :: sisters in the Phils.
CD :: something by ricky martin

dated your bestfriend :: my mother? many times
broken the Law :: like what? my clearance is clear
been arrested :: never
skinny-dipped :: just like most of us...
been on TV :: i want to but..
kissed someone you don't know :: never

5 things you're wearing :: shoes, top and under the top, pants and underpants
4 things you've done today :: eat, make the bed, rocked jens to sleep, blogging
3 things you can hear now :: pc sound, the clock, tv
1 thing you do when you are bored :: i sometimes think i dont get bored. :)

This is fun...