Sunday, December 16

A Mini Baby Massage

I know that massage helps baby relax and unwind. I've been giving this treat to our little boy but I don't really know the tricks in this indulgence. I am also not consistent.

Then I read in the magazine the pluses of giving baby massages, which convince me to be religious in doing so to our Bub. I really didn't ask myself, why do I need to read it somewhere before doing so but I just realize now that I need a little push and nudge and badge to do something that I already have an idea. Sometimes, I reckon I don't trust my instinct at all. Oh well, we need assurance sometimes, aren't we? :)

I found this little tip very useful and my little boy enjoys it especially the back combing.

Using both hands, stroke top of baby's head in a circular motion. Using flat fingers, massage from brow to templates. With fingertips, massage around jaw in small circles. With flat fingers stroke chest/tummy in a heart shape.

Milk the arms one at a time, from shoulder down then gently massage hands and fingers. Massage tummy in clockwise circles. Milk legs, then massage soles of feet with your thumb. Gently rub toes. Lay baby on tummy across your thighs. Support buttocks with one hand while stroking from shoulders to bottom. Comb his back with fingertips. To finish, enjoy a cuddle.