Saturday, December 1

New Sleeping Position

Since birth, Baby Ian used to sleep like this but recently, he had been sleeping on different positions. He would sometimes sleep on his side, ready to roll-over. Yeah, when he's alone in the room when he wakes up, tendency is to roll-over - either looking for food or he wants to play.

This was the latest. It was a funny story how did he end up in this position. See that white cloth he's holding? That's his chuck-up cloth. I reckon, he goes to sleep faster if he has that, so when I put him on his bed, I placed it across his chest while his arms were on his side. A short while later, he moved his arms up taking the cloth with them covering his face. He was fumbling and shaking his head to get rid of the cloth so I went for a rescue. He then decided to roll on his side. I had to haul MCJ from the bed to see this position and had to play paparazzo again. MCJ said, he got this sleeping position from me. :)


Talking of sleep and bed, there are really lots of bedroom furnitures shops around our area, second to light fixtures shop, I think. Oh well, this is good for the shoppers as you can shop around and get the best price for the furniture that you really want. Plus you can see various available bed styles there are like adjustable beds, inflatable beds, poster beds, canopy, etc. As we spend almost half the time of our life in bed, for me it is important that you have a bed that gives you good sleep though there are more important factors than that inorder to have a good night rest. :)


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ayy pwedeba kurutin ang legs nya? hmmmm. so asleep.

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