Wednesday, November 28

Family's Refreshment

It's not summer yet but it feel like it already, for more than a month now. Blame it to the degrading condition of our Mother Earth, global warming is right here but blame it first to US - the stewards of nature.

And what better refreshment you can have in a hot day? Iced cold cola? Halo-halo? Frosties? Fruit shakes? Ice cream? Nah! Ours is cooled water melon.

We bought our first water melon this season. It has been available in the shops for a month already but we didn't buy yet as it was tad dearer and it wasn't seedless. When we saw that seedless watermelon was less than a dollar a kilo, we gave it a go.

It was sweet... but not very very sweet. Maybe, watermelon in summer will be that.

I remember to eat it sliced like this when I was young. Imagine my face and nose covered with juice. lol. Those were the days.

MCJ taught me to cut it like this as it was easy to do and not messy to eat. Plus you can store the sliced watermelon in a container and keep it in the fridge ready to eat whenever you like. A good idea though.

Our Little Man had his suck of the juice. He liked it as it was cold, soothed his aching gums.

He bit a portion and I had to deep-in my finger to his mouth. Scary as he could choke himself.


mitch said...

Hello! Fave ko din watermelons! They're really good chilled on a warm summer day. As for the baby, check this out:
so you don't have to worry about the baby choking and he can enjoy the watermelons, too!

dangkin said...

ilang beses na akong nakatikim ng watermelon nila dito, pero iba talaga ang lasa ng dun sa 'tin... pigain mo nalang ang para ka baby para hindi kakabakaba ;)

Mich said...

wow, baby Ian's eating already!? :) mukhang masarap yang watermelon na yan ah! mmmm...

Jeff Barry said...

I just finished reading this blog and found it to be interesting reading. Thanks for posting it.