Tuesday, November 6

Healthy Smiles For You!

Our oral health sometimes determine our age. lol... if a person has no teeth he's viewed as old, except babies though. But really, oral health is very vital in a person's overall wellbeing. The healthy your teeth, gum and all.. the better you can eat, the better you can talk, the sweeter and wider is your smile.

Okay, looking for a cosmetic dentist that provides state of the art smile design, teethwhitening and other dental care close to home? Well, I can only suggest to those who are living in Stortford, UK, the smileandwellbeing.com, the Dentist Bishops Stortford. You might like to check them out as they have cool offerings like, personal concierge service, onsite parking, 0% finance options, etc.

This reminds me to check the coverage of our family health insurance. Chris needs oral makeover and we just upgraded our coverage recently that we have to wait for a certain number of months (I think 2) before we can avail some benefits. Hummm, another job for Bob!