Saturday, November 3

Moving, moving, moving

Baby Ian had had been a lazy "mover". For more or less two weeks now, he doesn't move regularly like he used to, every morning. These days, it would be one in five or four days. I was worried at first when he didn't move for two days. I then check my baby guide book to see if I can do something to help him. But nah! I just read that babies age three to four months decrease their frequency of moving but that doesn't mean that they're constipated. So I was relieved but sometimes it still concerns me because adult who doesnt move for more than two days would have a headache. I didn't see any sign of him being ill or affected by it. So maybe, it's just normal for him.

Anyway, if that happens to me, I would be really worried and I may seek medical help already. I'm a lazy "mover" myself but I don't go that long. Recently, I heard in the news what really is the purpose of our appendix and it is to store bacteria that help digestion. I have mine removed, so that might have been causing my moving problem, hence I am taking daily fiber supplement. You know, I'm scared that someday I might have hemorrhoids. :)