Sunday, November 11
I'm a BIG Guy now!Baby Ian loves upside down position. He can also haul himself faster digging on his heels and head. I'm more scared of him to fall off when he's lying on his back than on his tummy. So we bought this chair so he'll know which is up and which is down. Also, he wants to sit up when you're holding him especially when watching telly.

He rewarded Mum and Dad for buying him a new toy by sleeping through last Friday night from 630pm to 5am the next day. How wonderful is that? Mum and Dad enjoyed two movies and had a good sleep. But imagine how hungry he was when he woke up. :)
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Posted by Princess of CJ at 11:19 am |


At 2:56 pm, Anonymous ann said........
Alam mo ako worried ako pag ganyan kahaba ang sleep ng baby ko. Ginigising ko talaga para lang padedehin.

At 6:06 pm, Blogger dangkin said........
tagal ng sleep nya a.. yang tulog daw mabilis magpapalaki, so baka gusto nyang lumaki agad kaya natulog ng matagal? he.he...

kisses to the cutie! :D

At 12:23 am, Blogger ZJ said........
Good boy! He knows how to give his Mum and Dad time for themselves! Ang kyuuuuut!

At 3:02 pm, Blogger Sunshineforlife said........
ang cuteee!

baby ian, can i \borrow ur chair when u'r'e alseep?

hugs to him, sis!

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