Thursday, November 22

Heroes of OZ

Aussies are big in sports, a trait that I've happily embraced when I came here. I watch footballs (there are three types of footies here), cricket, tennis, swimming, netball, basketball, golf, racings (car, motocross, horse) and more. I cried and rejoiced with the players triumph as well as get disappointed and broken-hearted when they lost.

Sports have become a great part of every Aussie's life. Players and athletes are viewed as heroes or role models as they usually are in many parts of the world. I think, they are more idolised here than celebrities. Most commercials are endorsed by players than entertainers.

Recently, there was a footy player who was arrested of drug position and was banned from playing for one year. He had his drug rehabilitation twice in America. News such as this created a damaging scar to the world of sports. But I think, there are still lots of heroes out there.