Thursday, November 22

1 2 3 Light Off

I woke-up the other night feeling hot only to find out that there was a momentary power black out and the power surge had come off. I touched the touch lamp on my side table and it didn't came on. I wasn't pitched black because the light outside the room was on but the darkness in the room was enough to worry me. Have you experienced being waken up by something that you don't know from your deep sleep? My thoughts were not coherent and I feel disorientated. I was groping. How come my lamp doesn't come on, when the tube, the settop box, and the vcr are on? I have to use the mobile phone to light up the area close to the switch. I found out then that the bulb was stucked. I hate it when they change grid for a second. My side table lamp has not been going for two nights now, going to three. I cant remember if we bought extra bulb. Have to check the cupboard later. Grrrr.. Have to use MCJ's lamp when feeding Bubby.


Talking of lights and lamps, isn't it nice when the room is well-lit? More so if the color of the light accentuate the color of the room. I reckon a well planned light fixtures will make a raggy shak cute. :)